Inlet Diverter:

 Engine Air Inlet Diverter Kit: 

 E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd provides a direct replacement part for the MDHS Engine Air Diverter Kit, identified as P/N 369D292045. The replacement part and installation kit is certified under Transport Canada Supplemental Type Approval ( STC# SH96-1 ). The new inlet diverter incorporates modern enhanced materials and processes for increased strength and ease of maintenance.

For those MDHS 500 operators not familiar with this option, see Flight Manual Supplement No. CSP-D-1 W, from which the following excerpts were taken...

  • "....Engine Air Inlet Diverter Kit inhibits ingesting foreign objects into the engine air inlet which might be of sufficient mass to puncture the screen / particle separator and damage the engine...."
  • "....(the diverter) reduces ingestion of  large dust and sand particles, and also reduces ingestion of snow and slush, which may accumulate on the canopy at slow speeds, to be subsequently swept toward the inlet when forward speed is increased...."

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