Particle Separator:

 FAA certified particle separator:

  In conjunction with a long term commitment to improve the performance of the MDHI 500 series helicopter, E.M Heli-Logistitcs Ltd. is introducing a high efficiency engine air inlet particle separator. The new separator installation certified by Heli-Logistics and manufactured by Pall Aeropower Corp., of Clearwater, Florida, received a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) #SR00469SE from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The particle separator features a new 3 sided design that enables more efficient particle separation and improved airflow characteristics, by increasing the engine air inlet area by 74%, and increasing clean air to the compressor by 50%. The end result is lower engine maintenance costs due to a reduction of foreign object damage (FOD), erosion and contamination. The new design incorperates the *Centrisep Air Cleaner.


  • Reduces engine maintenance costs:
    revised air cleaner configuration
    reduced FOD risk
    fewer components in clean air space

  • Virtually Stops engine flame-out Due To:
    snow ingestion
    ice ingestion
  • Increases performance:
    improved high altitude, hot day performance of the engine.


AMOC (Alternate Means of Compliance) - in response to a Transport Canada issued Airworthiness Directive #CF-200-23, Heli-Logistics received an AMOC for the particle separator installation.

  • Other features:
    incorporation of cockpit warning system to advise of partially clogged separator
  • Quick and easy to remove for:
    - separator cleaning
    - in-take inspection
    - maintenance

Once installed, the particle separator becomes part of the air inlet fairing structure, incorporating twin rear injection scavange air ports for improved contamination removal without the increase of engine turbine outlet temperature. By increasing the flow capacity of the new separator, strategically locating the three filtration areas and improving air scavange, the high altitude, hot day performance of the engine is improved. More efficient particle separation reduces erosion to engine components. The new separator configuration potentially eliminates engine failure caused by sudden ingestion of snow or ice, or inlet blockage. Additionally, in the new configuration, the separator by-pass door and all associated hardware have been removed, reducing the possibility of FOD. The separator is quick and easy to remove for cleaning and provides unrestricted inspection of the compressor inlet area.

*Centrisep is a registered trademark of Pall Corporation


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