E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd  is an MD Authorized Structural Repair facility.

The Structures Department  has specialized in the repair and rebuilding of the MD 500 series airframe for over 25 years. Combined our engineers have over 90 years experience in MD 500 series aircraft. The delicate nature of the materials that make up the aircraft skins requires skills that only come with years of experience.
E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd  has an MDHI approved main frame fixture, tailboom fixture and all the special tooling needed to repair and rebuild  500 airframes in an efficient and economical manner. As well, Heli-Logistics has designed their own special rollover fixture, so that belly ribs and skins can be accessed and replaced easily, thus reducing labour costs commonly associated with the task. 

Our extensive inventory of airframes provides an alternate source of  sometimes impossible to procure structures parts.
With the support of MD tech and engineering Heli-Logistics can rebuild aircraft that would seemingly be  beyond economical repair. Aircraft that are rebuilt at our facilities leave in like new condition and even though an airframe time may be high the structural integrity of the craft is like new.