Paint Shop:

E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd. provides complete aircraft stripping and repainting. Paint estimates are provided on an individual basis. Or for those who prefer to do their own, paint booth facilities can be rented by the day.

Heli-Logistics has 2 booths made by DeVilbiss and Binks. They have been raised 4 feet on concrete to give a total height of 18 feet. The two booths are joined together which allows for two separate spray operations, or a large paint area. Total length is 50 feet. Minimum width at the door openings is 12 feet. The booth is supplied with an air make-up unit, which automatically supplies heat when the outside temperature falls below 60 degrees F. The heater provides 980,000 BTUs and is on a separate gas meter than the hangar for accurate billing. Air is provided by a DeVilbiss 30hp compressor, which is filtered at source and also runs through an air dryer unit. Both booths have extra in-line filters at the regulators. There is hot and cold running water available and a drain in the South booth, in order to hose down the floor prior to painting. Airside access to the booth can be arranged upon request with a customer Approved Vehicle Operators Permit (AVOP).

Rental of the booth is based on an 8-hour day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday Friday. The rate for one booth is $250.00 / day or both booths for $350.00 / day.
Weekend rentals can be arranged with prior notice. Due to the requirement to have personnel available, additional rates will apply.


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